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The British Faire is just around the corner:  4 November

Novice, Intermediate and Premier Dancers Needed!  7 November we have been invited to dance outside the Glenwood Performing Art Theater from 5:30 throughout the evening.  See Rhianna for details.

This month’s Scottish Country Dancing lesson was a big hit with all that participated.  About 30 dancers, young and older(er), girls and boys, men and women enjoyed 2 hours of the Flowers of Edinburgh, the Gay Gordons, the Pride of Erin Waltz, Dashing White Sergeants and a couple Welsh country dances.   The next Scottish Country Dance lesson will be 11 November, at 9:30 am at Shawnee Drive Community of Christ (4440 Shawnee Drive at I-635).

Saturday dance practice is free to all and is a great way to get introduced to Scottish dancing.  See the Calendar of Events page for the next lesson.

If you can help support the Kansas City St Andrew Highland Dance Association in our mission to promote Scottish Highland Dancing and our events, such as the Indoor Highland Dance Competition, please consider donating any amount through PayPal below or sending us a check at:  Treasurer:  Dale Cleland, 2404 Maple Ave, Leavenworth, KS  66048