Information for New Dancers

If you’re interested in Highland dancing we’d love to meet you! The KCSAHDA is always looking for new dancers, and if you’re reading this you must be looking for us too!  Whether you’re already familiar with Highland dancing doesn’t matter.  If you’d like to give it a try, or have a little one that would, please contact one of our teachers.  Just as in everything, there is a lot to learn at first, but we strive to make that journey fun for our dancers!

The dancers in the Kansas City St. Andrew Highland Dance Association attend lessons with one of our local teachers and attend scheduled Saturday practices as a group. Saturday practices are a great way to meet other dancers and teachers, as well as other dance parents.

Below are some links with information that you might find useful, but nothing beats visiting with our teachers and chatting with a veteran dancer or two.


A public service announcement video describing the culture of Scottish Highland Dance: Discover Scottish Dance PSA


An introduction to Highland Dancing

What’s the difference between Scottish Highland Dancing and Irish Step-Dancing?

A fun video demonstrating the difference between Scottish and Irish dance.

Dancers Costume Standards


What do I take to a dance performance/competition?  There are a lot of lists compare, but here is FUSTA’s checklist and a parent’s list of useful items for a competition.


What happens at a competition

Placement points at competitions:.

Points for individual placings are awarded as follows:

1st – 137 points 4th – 52 points
2nd – 91 points 5th – 37 points
3rd – 71 points 6th – 23 points

Trophies are usually awarded on the basis of points accumulated in ALL DANCES.  Trophy points are computed to six (6) places.


Medals Testing and Grade Examinations